Watch some interesting facts in this video about Climate Change.   https://youtu.be/G4H1N_yXBiA


Help us raise awareness about Thalassemia, so that no child ever suffers from Thalassemia again.

Reached 11000 Members on Facebook Official Group

Hello everyone ! I am so proud to let you all know , that we have reached 11000 Members on our Facebook Official group. Thank you everyone for your support.

Competition 2018 “Topic: Women Rights”

  Categories:- 1-Poster Competition 2-Video Competition 3-Women Rights Social Media Campaign   Rules for Poster Competition:- 1-Posters can be hand made or digital. 2-Posters can be of any dimensions. 3-Participant can … Continue Reading →

Weekly Performance

Weekly Performance of International Organisation for Progressive Global Collaborations:- 1- ” International Climate Change Awareness Competition 2017 ” The Competition is Concluded & Results are Announced. Certificates & Prizes distribution … Continue Reading →