Weekly Performance

Weekly Performance of International Organisation for Progressive Global Collaborations:-

1- ” International Climate Change Awareness Competition 2017 ”

The Competition is Concluded & Results are Announced. Certificates & Prizes distribution will be completed till 15th June 17.
Under this Project we Separately Conducted FUIC Climate Change Awareness Competition 2017, held in FUIC Islamabad Pakistan.

We had Poster Competition, Video Competition & Video Session. 33 People Made Posters , 8 Teams made Videos & over 160 people Participated in Video Session.

We gave Certificates to all Participants, Volunteers , Attendants & Position holders. There was a Cash Prize of 50$ for 1st Position in Video Category & 20$ in 1st Position in Poster Category.

There was No Registration Fees of the Event.

2- ” International Research Collaboration Programme ”

Under this Project , we have had an excellent response. People from all around the World , has shown interest.

We have also started a Centralised Project ” Relationship between Emotional Intelligence & Stress among University Students ”

3- ” International Medical Events & Scholarships Update Project

International Environmental Science Events & Scholarships ”

The Purpose of these two Projects is 2 Update the Medical & Environmental Science Students about the Upcoming Conferences & Scholarship Opportunities.

5 New Conference Updates Posted.
1000 Students Updated

Total Conference Updates:- 82
Total Students Benefited :- 15500

4- ” International Medical Free E-Books Project

International Environmental Science Free E-Books Project ”

The Purpose of these Projects is to Provide Free E-Books to Medical & Environmental Science Students.

6 New Books Updates Posted
50 New Students Helped

Total Books Provided:- 228
Total Students Benefited:- 760

5- “International Thalasaemia Awareness Project”

We will be Spending 1000$ in this Project.

1- 1/3rd of the Amount will be spent on Raising Awareness about Thalasaemia.

2- 1/3rd will be Spent provide Financial Help to Poor Thalasaemia Patients.

3- 1/3rd will be Spent on Providing Financial Help for Thalasaemia Diagnostic Test.

6- ” Upcoming Projects

Thalasaemia Eradication Pledge under International Thalasaemia Awareness Project.

7- We know have Representatives in 410 Institutions in 60 Countries.

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