Topic:Raise your Voice & Start your own Project.

Hello everyone,

International Organisation for Progressive Global Collaborations (IOPGC) , brings an interesting opportunity to all our Members.

We have Great News for all those individuals who want to start a Social Work Project or any other Project which highlight a Good Cause & is beneficial for Humanity. This is an opportunity for all those individuals who have an idea to do something good but don’t have a Platform to RAISE THEIR VOICE.

For All Those Individuals , IOPGC is the perfect platform.

We will provide you with the Platform , to Raise Your Voice , to let your Ideas reach far & wide.

We have a Facebook group with more than 11000 Members. Along with that we have other Facebook Pages , Twitter , Instagram ,YouTube & Pinterest accounts

We have an Official Website

We also have an Android App

Whoever wants to start the Project , we will give them access to all these to Promote their Project absolutely free of cost.

Because we are doing this to help Humanity & Bring Awareness among our New Generation.

Although Certificates will also be given to the Project Coordinators & their team in the end , but we still want to emphasise that the purpose is to Help Humanity & to Bring Awareness among New Generation.

IOPGC is an Organisation with Representatives in over 50 Countries that works for providing Awareness regarding many different Social Issues & as well as Education & Research among everyone especially Youth & Students from different fields.

In case you are interested to apply , send an email at

Kind regards,
Luqman Khan
Chairperson International Organisation for Progressive Global Collaborations

Android App:

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