Earth Lovers Ribbon Campaign

This Project is Organised by Tayyab Shafique ( Provincial Coordinator for Sindh for IOPGC )

He is Organising “Earth Lovers Ribbon Campaign”. In this Project 5 Organisations are Collaborating International Student Environmental Coalition, IOPGC, Ferozaan Magazine Pakistan, NYCE, and Climate Beacons Network.

The details of the Project in words of the Organiser himself:-

“We are facing so many challenges that result from man made activities, including increased Climate Change, Global Warming, Food Insecurity, Ozone Depletion, Droughts and problems of extreme weathers. In the world most of the peoples are unaware about these challenging threats of earth and environment, and those peoples are aware about the threats are not probably not committed to deliver awareness of threats in front of peoples because of certain reasons like sometime they don’t found suitable platform to deliver, barriers of peoples interest, Time schedule and so many others problems. So for overcome to these barriers International Student Environmental Coalition, Ferozaan Magazine Pakistan, NYCE, IOPGC and Climate Beacons Network have been going to initiate a campaign by name “Earth Lovers Ribbon Campaign”. It will develop a passion and confidence in earth lovers that there is no barrier we can response at everywhere, to aware people’s chances are around us. Suppose a ribbon wearer person is seated along with you at bus stop or in train definitely he will ask about the ribbon so you can convey your message in response. Mostly in daily life we get exposure with several peoples few of them could be known and few unknown and you meet 25 30 peoples and they ask about ribbon and in response you will answer, it means you aware 30 people’s daily approx. If this chain work properly or executed it will serve as the world’s biggest campaign. A Data base system have been also be developed to count aware and unaware peoples ratio. This campaign will start on the occasion of Earth Day at 22nd April 2017. Inauguration will took place simultaneously across the world where our representatives exist. You all are invited to JOIN our struggle. All the members, representatives and earth lovers will be requested to wear Green ribbon on left side of arm to be part of this huge campaign.

Instructions for being part:

Wear Green Ribbon on Left Arm from 22nd April-2017
Collect your ELRC Manual for guidance
Involve others peoples as well as


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