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Kindly Fill the Membership Form of “International Organisation for Progressive Global Collaborations (IOPGC)”.


After filling the form , if you receive a message that “Your response is recorded” , it means the form is submmited succesfully & no futher confirmation from our side is required.

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Kindly download the Membership Benefits file:-

Membership Benefits file

All our Members can have access to the following E-Books collection which you can see by downloading the following files. In order to request for these ebooks , send an email to

1-Medicine E-Books

2-Accounting & Finance E-Books

3-Accounting E-Books

4-Career & Study Advice E-Books

5-Career E-Books

6-Chemistry-Chemical-Engineering E-Books

7-Environmental Engineering E-Books

8-Strategy & Management E-Books

9-Communication And Presentation E-Books

10-Environmental Science E Books (1)

11-Environmental Science E-Books2

12-Electrical Electronic Engineering E-Books

13-Information Technology E-Books

14-Information Technology E-Books2

15-Marketing E-Books

16-Nanotechnology E-books

17-Natural Sciences E-books

18-Personal Development E-Books

19-Petroleum Engineering E-Books

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