Rehabilitation Awareness Project 2018

Marya Intikhab is the Project Leader for this Project. She is a student of Foundation University Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences Islamabad.

They recently conducted an awareness event.

Summary of the event in her own words


“Aoa everyone!! My post is here just to say Thankyou #IOPGC and #Luqman for providing us such a great platform where we can present our knowledge to common people who dibt know the basics of life..
My project is on **REHABILITATION AWARENESS** my Rehabilitation awareness project (RAP) team arrange awareness campaign in Islamabad just to target common people where our step is well appreciated by our Foundation university institute of rehabilitation sciences Dean, faculty, seniors, juniors and the most important public..
We aware bundle of people , we treat bundle of people free of cost and we give smile therapy , drug therapy and confidence therapy …
The whole credit goes to #TEAMRAP + #IOPGC..

Mayor of Islamabad appreciate our work and give us contract to do all events Islamabad on his reference and Executive director of Ganj Bakhsh hospital appreciate and also sponsors to be part of their all events . it all happens because of our group efforts. 😍 ”



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