Weekly Performance 24 April 17

Weekly Performance of International Organisation for Progressive Global Collaborations:-


1- ” International Climate Change Awareness Competition 2017 ”


Over 1000 People Participated from more than 40 Countries.


After many Months of Campaigning on Ground & on Social Media, Our Message about Climate Change Awareness Reached Approximately more than 40,000 people in more than 40 Countries due to Hard Work of our Teams.


We will also be giving Cash Prizes of upto 500$ in different Categories.


2- ” International Research Collaboration Programme ”


It will be 1 of the Biggest Research Collaboration Project in which more than 100 Teams of Students from over 50 Countries will be Conducting 100 different Researches in different fields which include Medicine, Environment Sciences,Psychology, Information Technology, Business Studies, Engineering and many more


We will be Spending 10000 $ in this Project in which we will be granting 100$/Research.


Number of Researches Planned to be Conducted in the following fields:-


1- 20 Medical

2- 20 Environmental Sciences

3- 20 Engineering (Different Engineering Fields)

4- 20 Business Studies

5- 20 Other Fields


3- ” International Medical Events & Scholarships Update Project


International Environmental Science Events & Scholarships ”


The Purpose of these two Projects is 2 Update the Medical & Environmental Science Students about the Upcoming Conferences & Scholarship Opportunities.


With the help our Social Media Platforms & Our Partner Organisation’s, we are able to Benefit More than 12000 Students.


4- ” International Medical Free E-Books Project


International Environmental Science Free E-Books Project ”


The Purpose of these Projects is to Provide Free E-Books to Medical & Environmental Science Students.


Till know we are able to Provide more than 200 Free E-Books to more than 500 Students.


5- “International Thalasaemia Awareness Project”


We will be Spending 1000$ in this Project.


1- 1/3rd of the Amount will be spent on  Raising Awareness about Thalasaemia.


2- 1/3rd will be Spent provide Financial Help to Poor Thalasaemia Patients.


3- 1/3rd will be Spent on Providing Financial Help for Thalasaemia Diagnostic Test.


6- ” Upcoming Projects


International Information Technology Free E-Books Project


International Information Technology Events & Scholarships Update Project “

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