Weekly Performance 1st May 2017

Weekly Performance of International Organisation for Progressive Global Collaborations:-


1- ” International Climate Change Awareness Competition 2017 ”


One of the biggest Climate Change Awareness Competition is getting to an End.


The Results will be Announced on 20th May 2017.


Their will be Cash Prize of Upto 500$ in different Competitions.


Also under this Project


2- ” International Research Collaboration Programme ”


Registration Deadline Ended , Know the Process of Topics Submission will start this week.


3- ” International Medical Events & Scholarships Update Project


International Environmental Science Events & Scholarships ”


The Purpose of these two Projects is 2 Update the Medical & Environmental Science Students about the Upcoming Conferences & Scholarship Opportunities.


8 New Conference Updates Posted.

1000 Students Updated


Total Conference Updates:- 70

Total Students Benefited :- 13000


4- ” International Medical Free E-Books Project


International Environmental Science Free E-Books Project ”


The Purpose of these Projects is to Provide Free E-Books to Medical & Environmental Science Students.


10 New Books Updates Posted

100 New Students Helped


Total Books Provided:- 210

Total Students Benefited:- 600


5- “International Thalasaemia Awareness Project”


We will be Spending 1000$ in this Project.


1- 1/3rd of the Amount will be spent on  Raising Awareness about Thalasaemia.


2- 1/3rd will be Spent provide Financial Help to Poor Thalasaemia Patients.


3- 1/3rd will be Spent on Providing Financial Help for Thalasaemia Diagnostic Test.


6- ” Upcoming Projects


International Information Technology Free E-Books Project


International Information Technology Events & Scholarships Update Project “

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